Clear and concise recommendations for improvement

Jeff Bagel performed a development audit for our foundation. His interviews and research were extensive and resulted in a report that was not only comprehensive, but also contained very clear and concise recommendations for improvement. Those recommendations allowed a new executive director to establish a framework for operational planning. The format also created an understanding… Read more »

We truly appreciate your work with us…

“We truly appreciate your work with us on the Foundation program review. The report is excellent. You identified key areas for us to focus on and shared very relevant recommendations.”

Your book is a great reference and I love the templates.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Our district foundation purchased 10 books of your Annual Fundraising Plans Made Simple for staff and our four college presidents and some board members. Your book is a great reference. Additionally, I love the templates.

A Real Challenge

“We approached Jeff with a real challenge: Join our annual retreat at a time when our team and our organization are facing truly evolutionary changes, and lead us through a day of actionable discovery. He delivered the results we needed by working closely with me to customize the day’s content in advance, and by connecting… Read more »

Jeff’s book should be required reading

“As a child of the 80’s, I was always a big fan of The A-Team and their expression “I love it when a plan comes together.” Last year at the CASE Conference for Community College for Advancement, I heard firsthand how industry veteran Jeff Bagel could help me plan and capitalize on the successes of… Read more »

Best session I attended!

“Entirely relevant and appropriate as this session represented the bridge between where most community college advancement operations are and where we need to go next to build capacity. He was very engaging in his presentation style as well. Nicely done.”

Best session of the conference!

“This is a must see presentation. I seldom hear presenters tie all plans together comprehensively. Strategic plan to fundraising plan to tactical plans like the annual fund and event plans. I can’t wait to read the book. This was the most helpful session. What I think most fundraisers need are tools we can use to… Read more »

Valuable insight

“As someone who has been in both advancement and higher education for one year, I want to thank you for your presentation at CASE. Your insight, presentation, and template was exactly what someone like me needs! Best wishes going forward and I hope to see you again at future conferences.”